Addiction & Recovery

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Addiction and Recovery clinics can use Biotune therapy technology to help patients manage their cravings and improve emotional regulation. 

BioTune works by combining sound, frequency, and vibrational therapy to tune your brain into a theta state. We induce a rapid meditative state and create a parasympathetic response with low vibrational tones and subsonic body vibes. 

Biotune helps by relaxing and focus the attention away cravings. The combination of sound and vibration can help to reduce stress, improve mindfulness, and increase self-awareness. 

By focusing on the breathing and the sensations of the device, patients can learn to stay in the present moment, disengage from their cravings, and gain control over their emotional states. 

The devices can also be used in conjunction with other therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help patients manage their wellbeing and gain insight into their behavior. 

By combining ancient meditative practices with modern neuroscience, we have revolutionized the way patients address the root cause of their daily habits. 

Fine tune the nervous system with coherent heart rhythms and reduce anxiety and pain. With this technology we are able to reduce AMA early discharges, diminish agitation, and prevent relapses.

Patients can enter into a relaxed state, release and reduce pain, and rid themselves of the trauma at the root of their addiction. BioTune switches the brain state from fight-or-flight, to relaxed and calm. Patients may experience an intense release of trauma or a gradual progression of relief.