Founder : Isaac Sabu

Isaac Sabu is the founder of BioTune. 

From an early age, Isaac used sound and music intuitively to self-soothe. His passion for sound led him to be involved with Sound Technology and the Automation industry; building elaborate screening, Recording Studios, Automation systems and IT infrastructure.  

This innate ability to understand and bring together different technologies helped Isaac create innovative solutions and products such as wireless home theater systems, light bulb speakers, and sound-responsive firepits. 

It was at Burning Man 2017 that he built an interactive dome with a vibrating floor. The combination of technology and sound to create euphoric experiences made a light bulb go off in Isaac’s head. He realized all the knowledge and experience he had gathered can be applied to healing through sound, connecting him to his mission. He spent the next 2 years experimenting, learning, and trying out the technology on people before meeting David Sampson and developing BioTune.

The next 3 years were spent in perfecting the technology and creating solutions for different markets. 

During Covid, Isaac started facilitating spaces and events which led him to connect to his roots and make it part of his mission to discover, and share the culture, music, and dance of indigenous cultures. 
BioTune bridges several worlds by understanding the potency of Native Instruments, sound healing, and combining it with technology and neuroscience. This combination provides the ability for others to have the therapeutic benefits of sound in their own time and space. 

Isaac’s wild mind and soul is excited to keep developing and seeing how this technology brings about transformation in other people’s lives.